Our Mission

To become an industry leader in printing and packaging by training new generations of Australians and delivering the highest quality products at the most affordable price.


Our goal is to provide up to date information on movement in the print and packaging industry, in Australasia as well as keeping you informed about what’s new at Centrum.


Centrum is investing in the future by partnering with organisations such as TAFE to provide employment opportunities for future generations of young Australians by employing more apprentices and assisting them with their education,not only do we create a solid skill base for our industry, we are creating opportunities for young men and women to secure their future in our industry and contribute positively to our nation’s growth.


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We are proudly accredited in the areas of Quality Management (ISO 9001), Environmental Management ISO 14001), Colour Management (ISO 12647-2) and OHSAS (ISO 18001). Currently undergoing HACCP Food Safety Certification. We are eco-friendly printers who go above and beyond industry standards to truly minimise environmental impact and energy demands. We use soy and vegetable based inks and biodegradable cleaners are used for our presses and rollers.


After 25 years in the industry, in 2012 Centrum was confronted with the scenario of ‘change course now or sink’. Along with dozens and dozens of small printers Centrum were facing the prospect of being bought out, or continuing to struggle in an ever diminishing print market. The advance of digital and online communication was taking its toll. Highly skilled tradespeople were losing their jobs and the Australian skill base diminishing.